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About Us

Meet the couple behind the Blankie brand: Susie and Paul, and their little guy (aka Blankie tester), Patrick.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Susie and Paul recently took over the family business from their late and beloved relative, Deirdre who came up with the bright idea for the brand when she couldn’t find the ultimate blanket to cosy-up to at home and in her garden: wool blankets were just a bit too scratchy; fleece didn’t go with her décor – and dragging a double duvet down the stairs didn’t come under the relaxation plan either.

And so, Blankie was born. Perfectly measured to drop over you on the sofa – not too much duvet, not too little, and the exact miniature-size a child loves too. The plan was to make sure it was luxurious, filled with premium quality down and feather, but also be easy to wash, tumble-dry, transport in and out of any room, car boot or garden, and come in beautiful fabrics and modern colours that suited her interior decor.

Roll it up and wrap it up in a bag, and voila – it’s the take-anywhere Blankie you’ve always wanted. Susie and Paul drape theirs on their sofa for snuggle-time, while Patrick insists he can’t go to sleep without his blue Blankie.

Susie, Paul, and Patrick hope you enjoy yours as much as they do.

Happy Blankie-time! X